Bunny Butt Cupcakes


Unfortunately, I cannot take creative credit for these too-cute cupcakes.  These “Rabbit Hole” cupcakes are featured in the cookbook, Hello, Cupcake! which I picked up recently and have since fallen in love with.  With cupcakes ranging from fish bowls, to sunflowers, to corn on the cob, authors Karen Tack & Alan Richardson have it all covered in this book.  With the idea that all the cupcakes can be made by the home chef, using equipment and tools on hand, Track & Richardson display true creativity.

With a family Easter gathering on the horizon, I knew exactly what I would make.  I have been waiting for an occasion worthy of these playful cupcakes.  I did make this batch myself, following most of the directions, but of course, tweaking it a bit.  When all the cupcakes are lined up together, hopefully it looks as if these bunnies are scurrying back into their holes, with only their fluffy tales left in sight.  I will be honest that piping all the grass on each cupcake was quite a lot of work, so be warned that these treats are time consuming.

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  1. Very cute. What did you use to make the feet and tail?

  2. I would also like to know what the feet and tail are made out of . Also where can I buy the book. Thank you

  3. I made the feet out of royal icing – but I believe the book suggests that you use white circus peanuts… However, not only do I not like the original orange variety, I could not find white circus peanuts. (The book is fantastic, but they do, at times, call for some crazy seemingly impossible to find ingredients.) If I was to make them again, I would cut the feet from rolled out gum paste – the royal icing was much too fragile. For the tails, I piped royal icing out of a grass tip, circling it around on itself to make a small ball.

    As for where you can purchase the book; it is available in most major bookstores, as well as on-line. I included a link to it’s page on amazon.com in the original post.

  4. I was just wondering…do you just leave the bottom of the bunny blank…no icing?


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